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I found a piece of good steel and could move on with My toolmaking.

Instead of castings the punchingtool I modelled it out of the 14×14 mm piece of 1050 steel. This will be for the decorations covering the armor in between the outer splints. My first ideas was to get rivets or plates for the Ovals- but my search has been futile so I decided to do it by to tooling the leather as one can see in the sources – this was probably not done in the original, but I think it will look good. This will be the tryout to match the sources for how many ovals should be on each piece of armor. The original statue in Frankfurt are painted for these details so its hard to tell if this is the original numbers ovals or if it has been renovated in modern Times and altered by that.

for now it will stick to the statue and allt its detaljs in shape, form and painting


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So the hinge for my bargrill is something totally new for me. There is alot of shaping and adjusting to make it work for the attachmentknob that is riveted to the helmet.

Starting out with 20x5mm barstock and working my way towards it has taken some time- I dont have axcess to huge supplies of metal, so this seemed to be the best way to go about it.



This is not in any way ready, but its on its way to getting there. It matches the helmet good now, so the adjustments needed are grinding and sanding it right and getting a snug fit with the rest of the hinge – the loop that is attached to the visor.



As you can see in this photo – I need to redo the welding on the lower part – the bar that is against the O- shape- but that is done in a small session of welding and grinding it do to be good.

Bargrill for old helmet

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I have a nice Bascinet that I bought 5 years ago and never used- did not have a matching kit, and I wanted to build a bargrill for it so I can use it both with the klappvisor, and the bargrill. The visor is attached with a keyholefunctioning hinge and this was/ is one of the problems that I need to fix and learn from. Having build hinges before, but not like this it is somewhat of a challenge.

Building the frame for the grill was pretty straightforward- 1,5mm steel  framed up and shaped to match the existing klappvisor. After that I wanted to get the feel of the grill to “melt” into the frame, and not being place upon- I decided to weld and inner frame of rounded stock metal to the frame, and from that form the bargrill inwards. By welding it lined up and not on the “outside” and after that grinding it straight I could move on to the inner grillpart.


After this it paced on nicely and I was reminded why its boring and timeconsuming to build bargrills. One of the reasons I dont like doing it at all.






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Yesterday I got to build nothing but the crew was hanging out in the garage building the stuff
Roidh , my Squire is doing good on his healthplan and he is losing weight really fast. We had to rebuild his legarmor, and make a C- belt to fit his body that is shrinking, and we also had to remake the upper parts of his legs- cuisses and replace it with a thick leather piece that creates a better build to attach to his C- Belt. It took two sessions to make the belt and to change out the top lame into a leather one.

Grofbjörn also my Squire is building a new shield, a travelversion base on Duke Brannos design and I have been using one for two years now. The design with a split in the middle, bolted up with the handle and the shieldbuckle.
It has taken a few sessions, shaping it out of 6061-T6 alu, and getting it covered in canvas and glued/painted. next time its last paint and putting the pieces back so it can be used.

Andreas one of out local newbies is making great pace on his stuff- picklebarrel armor is almos done, and yesterday it was time to build a simple set of metal armcops- his first attempt on makin metal armor and it turned out good. He did the shaping with my assistance, with straps and everything ready to go. Not that they were very nice, but the shaping was good and he will hide it enyway under a tuncic, so burning away time at finish is wasted- next time it will be knees, and the onto a gorget, and a set of demigaunts.

I have an openshop policy that is outspoken to the new people of otu group and it feels good to be able to helpout and teach them basic armoring- it will also put the on the field with theie own gear, and thats way much more fun than lending stuff every time.

Leather tool

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I was in need for a way to create the Ovals that are decorating the Gunther von S. armor on all pieces that are visible on the statue from Frankfurt. The ovals are a vary interesting detail of the armor- In my mind they might be brass rivets or plates/discs that are attached to the leather, or the might be a decoration punched/stamped into the leather with tools and paint. There is also the option that this could be just painted decorations that we se on the statue, since the part or the statue that are vambraces, rerebraces, and greaves lack texture or 3D impressions for these “Ovals”.
My take will be punched leather with the tool Im fabricating out of a piece of 1050, carbon steel. It will make an rescess in the leather that is app. 0,3-0,6 mm deep and in this I will do gilding with leaf gold that I put varnish on top to protect it some.

My first testrun will be on a scrap piece of leather and after that the greaves will be my first part.

Now dabbling with the 14th century

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This is the man to be- my plan is right now to start building legs and arms next week. I have bought ss410 plates from Zach and I will get the patterns made for the greaves and the cuisses and then start. My plan is to make a new set of knees to match the ones  found on the Statue of Gunther von Schwarzburg- short proclaimed King of Germany during 1330´s.

Need to sort out some designparts to start with the legs and the looks from the different sources

Greaves: type of Rivets

Metal straps on the outside or is it decorations made in the leather?

Buckles for the legs- type and position?

This is a great flickrgallery-that I will use alot.


Doublewars XXVI, and some more

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Building greaves, new kneecops, and some padded chausses and testing them is what I have done and will do this week.

My new shoulders and installed and my whole shoulderarmor is redesigned into one piece that makes them sit and ride better on my shoulders.

Greaves and Knees

Awake and still not dead…yet

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After having a good late summer fightingwise, and training regularly: I got some bad karma back in the form of a supercold that has lasted for two full months.

I have gotten my new Shoulders in spring/ stainless 19 gauge steel, and they will be the next on deck for my kit. Shoulders will be decorated and put to test, and if they work I will build vambraces and legs – splinted ones out  of the same material.


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Found a ( for me) new icon, this one of Niketas- some interesting details on shoulders, the neckline, the use of a varangian bra, and the lower line of the armour around the waist. Even though he was a Goth, lived during the 4th century- this painting is as far as I know painted during 14th century. Still more to find out about Byzantine armor, and its stylistic apperance contra waht was actually used during the 13-14th century….


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Need to get back on the wagon and make some fixes to my armour as to get the lammelar bodyarmour done and in a display as I want it.

Shoulders have been fixed and moved as to get a more proper position when they hang straight.

The Pteruges need to be added another longer layer of “flaps” . As for now they dont reach far enough to cover my belly- I will take the belt apart and add another layer of pteruges, and I will also try to get rid of my belly, or reduce it to a somewhat smaller size …..

Greaves and legarmor needs to be build and for this I will start with a new pair of shoes from  They need to be lugged soles and be supportive enough.

The greaves will be base on this effigy:









The pattern from will be adjusted slightly in size and in height as I will roll the topedge to assist the stability of the greaves.